eLLe Morgan Come Clean at Arlene’s Grocery

Let Me Down Easy Cover: eLLe Morgan

AN ELLE MORGAN MOMENT: brought to you by eLLe Morgan

I WANNA THANK MY TEAM: I never knew how incredibly exciting this process would be! I am growing and learning so much from this journey thus far. I have had the privilege of playing with NYC’s finest gospel, soul, and roots musicians. I have a phenomenal mentor, producer, engineer, and friend- Matt Noble (www.matthewnoble.com), who is there for me through absolutely everything. Also to my band for helping me bring SouLchiLd to life, thank you!! You are all so amazing and you know who you are ;)

I WANNA SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF: I have evolved to playing in NYC…WHAT A DREAM THIS IS!!!!!! 

Being involved in music every weekend has made my life feel so full because it is beyond a part of me. It IS me. I feel complete because music is truly becoming my life. I thank God and all of you for listening!!

MY PROMISE TO YOU: I vow to continue to grow and remain teachable. I want to provide you all with a refreshing show every time. Always adding a little something new and exciting. Every “eLLement" of this experience had made my heart feel so full, and I wanna share it with all of you. I wanna inspire all of you, make you feel happy, provide you with strength, leave you feeling empowered, with knowledge, with love and a message that feels all too familiar. I am learning things about myself, the world, and everything in between. I wanna be the best woman I can possibly be :)

Even though I live in the moment, I have my eye on the prize of the future. SouLchiLd is making her way into the great big world.


I am eLLe Morgan 

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